PAVE plate L


Pave made with the image of a slightly special day's food and dining table. The shape is a traditional shape called corner cut angle that is also adopted in family crests, etc. The dignified appearance crisply tightens the served dishes and makes it an elegant look. By placing it on a hill, a space is created between the table and the plate, which creates a neat feeling and freshness.

The generation of a smooth texture, a celadon that gives a fresh, light blue color that is transparent like glass, and Turkish blue that has a powerful contrast between the areas where glaze accumulates and the areas where the glaze flows. The 6-inch plate is for main dishes, the 4.5-inch plate is a plate and Japanese confectionery, and the 3-inch small bowl is a line that can be used for basic Japanese food

size | w18 x d18 x h3.7cm

material | Pottery

microwave |OK

Made in Japan

Photos copyright by Studio M' / Marumitsu Poterie.

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