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Stationery that anyone can get anytime, anywhere. When you come up with something, you can record it, put it together, convey it, and create it. Introducing the MiW notebook, which reflects a mysterious and delicate world from the MiW stationery.
This notebook, which has a mysterious world of extraordinary things that you use every day, will be perfect for you who are about to take a step forward in a new time ...
The cover is a hardcover, and the series of pictures connected to the front and back are drawn by MiW.
The bookbinding uses thread spelling that opens quickly and is easy to write. For the text, choose a high-quality, smooth and comfortable paper quality, and with bookmark strings and bands, you can enjoy various ways of using your own style.

Size | W14.8cm x H18cm x D1.1cm
Weight | approx. 267g
Cover | 100% paper matte PP processing
Body | 100% paper 200 pages (plain) Looking back (picture and poem)
Specifications | Thread spelling Bookmark With string With band

Made in Japan

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