NIPPON | Origami Postcard Book


Origami creates three-dimensional objects from a single sheet of paper. As a communication tool, origami has great potential because it needs neither space nor language to be enjoyed together with people around the word. We bring a new perspective to origami to produce imaginative objects, we want to share with people.

COCHAE ( Yousuke Jikuhara and Miki Takeda )
As a graphic design unit , COCHAE has been exploring design of play . In 2003 , they created their first origami work with pop and modern taste . In 2008 , their origami work " Funny Face Card received Good Design Award . Their activities have become more varied recently . creating playful and innovative toys and conducting workshops in museums and other institutions.

Material | Paper | Approx. 48 pages with approx. 24 origami
size | W22.5 x H13.5cm 

Made in Japan

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