Fruit tree wooden chopsticks


Chestnut, persimmon, mandarin, plum, peach and olive.
are made of those trees bearing fruits. Chopsticks are coated with pure bees wax, and eco friendly and gentle on the skin.

01 - Chestnut wood material with a light hue and beautiful grain.
02 - An oak wood material with a chic dark shade and beautiful grain.
03 - Mandarine wood material with a slightly yellowish hue and a smooth texture.
04 - Plum tree material with a smooth texture with a light pink hue.
05 - Peach tree material with a slightly reddish hue and a smooth texture.
06 - Olive wood material with bright colors and beautiful grain. (New Item)

Chestnut, persimmon, manadrine, plum, peach ... The fruit tree was made into chopsticks using only 100% pure beeswax.

Enjoy the texture of natural wood itself.

Natural and non-toxic with food of any temperature, as well as serving children.

Due to the nature of woods, depth and distribution of color will vary.

Materials: Natural Fruit tree wood, finished with beeswax.

Made in Japan of Japanese grown and harvested wood.

Measures: 23cm 

Care Instructions:

- Gently hand wash to accommodate variations in each tree's hand-cut nature.
- Avoid heavy impact, biting, or excessive force to prevent damage.
- Refrain from soaking to prevent peeling, deformation, cracking, or damage.
- After use, clean with hot or cold water using mild detergent, wipe with a soft cloth, and ensure complete drying before storage.
- Do not use in the microwave, oven, dishwasher, or dish dryer.
- Store away from direct sunlight and vented place to prevent deformation or discoloration.
- Avoid using scrubbing brushes or polishing powder.
- Use the product according to its intended purpose.
- Not compatible with all disinfection methods such as boiling, chemical solutions, or microwaves.
- Assuredly safe materials have been used, passing food hygiene inspections.

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