Sumo wrestling | Shiko (四股)


Designer | Yamamoto Masato

Sumo wrestling - Sumo
The sumo wrestling series that makes you smile with adorable paintings is an original ceramic Japan figurine product. Hand-painted by a craftsman, and it is attractive that each one has a different expression. There are a total of four poses, including the sumo wrestler's "four legs" and "separation" plus the humorous "napping" and "yawning", and there are two types of mawashi (loincloth) paintings. The crossed seat is a large size.

Sumo originated as an agricultural ritual dance to pray for a good harvest.

Shiko (四股)
The sumo exercise where each leg in succession is lifted as high and as straight as possible, and then brought down to stomp on the ground with considerable force. In training this may be repeated hundreds of times in a row. Shiko is also performed ritually to drive away demons before each bout and as part of the yokozuna dohyō-iri.

size | 6.2 × 9 × 5.5cm
material | porcelain, kneading

Made in Japan 

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